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Haunted Mississippi Paranormal is a Mississippi based paranormal research group. The goal of HMPR is to research, investigate, and document paranormal activity in an unbiased, logical, and scientific manner. HMPR is dedicated to the discovery of truth, and to helping those who experience severe, disturbing, or frightening activity. HMPR members will conduct research and investigations according to the rules and policies of the group, and with the utmost respect for the privacy and property of our clientele, the community, and the group it conducts.  HMPR conducts investigations free of charge in the search for answers to the paranormal.

HMPR takes a more scientific look into those things that do not appear as normal in nature. While not all things paranormal are necessarily ghost  per say, HMPR extends is services free of charge to those who need assistance.  Nearly 80% of all reported paranormal activity can be revealed and explained through proper investigation.

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Our resources here are:

  • HMPR Message Boards - Our communications system and the most up to date portion of HMPR.
  • HMPR Realtime Chat - Chat client applet that allows streaming realtime communication.
  • Paranormal Headlines - This is an updated news reference board with automatic updates from the publisher.
  • Realtime Tools/Data - These are some general auto updated environmental factors that may have a bearing on research.
  • Our Equipment - A page listing some of the equipment used by HMPR.
  • Request Investigation - This page allows anyone to file a request for investigation by HMPR.
  • Membership Application - This form allows you to file an application to become a member of HMPR including becoming an investigator.
  • Suggested Links - These are some other sites suggested, either sponsor sites or other sites dedicated to research of the unknown.
  • Guestbook/Map- A sort of realtime guest book.  This item will actually update automaticaly, and is usable as a communications device. Also listed is a map by Frapper for your "Here I am.." pin and comment.
  • FAQ about HMPR - Most commonly asked question to Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research.
  • HMPR Products and Gear - A place where you can purchase items with the trademark HMPR logos.  A portion of the procedes goes to HMPR for furthering research.
  • Support HMPR - HMPR is a non-profit organization helping the community at no cost to the client.  This in mind, it is relatively hard to alot the funds to support the organization without donations.  All donations are greatly appreciated and will go to equipment upkeep and purchase for the purpose of conducting investigations.
  • Bylaws/Legal - The legal of HMPR.


Please, have a look around.  We welcome everyone who is interested in the research of the unknown and skeptics alike.  The navigation control is on the right side of the page, or you can select the page of interest in the list above.  Most of our most recent updates will show up in the message board area.

Just because it may appear strange........It could still be explainable...


HMPR News ~ Last Updated: 04/24/2013~



Coastal Division is currently ending service until further notice. 


Coastal Division is currently taking applications for membership and investigations. We will be taking on about two more members before stopping again. After the new folks are trained then we will starting taking applications again. The Northern Division is also taking applications for members and investigations.(05/11/2012)


We just added a photo section and audio section to the page. Both have evidence from previous training and case sessions (with permission from clients)> Check back often for more.


Our Coastal Division now services the Southern Regions of Mississippi and Alabama. (1/22/09) Our Coastal Division is currently not taking applications for membership. We will resume as soon as our current members have been fully trained. We are seeking out locations for investigations.  


HMPR is nearly complete in it's search for members for the group.  Anyone wishing to complete an application is welcome, however, they may not be contacted until such time as that we need new members.

Refreshing the site a little bit, going to work a little on some of the way it looks so it does not look so stagnant.

Quick registration is required to use the message boards, but well worth your time and completely free.

The HMPR Message boards are available for more information.  Register today to have full access to the message boards to be able to view/hear investigation data.  Of course, registration is free.  We require registry to keep the number of guest users to a minimum.


The message board system to help gather info and start discussions concerning locations as well as discuss circumstances and situations considered to be of a paranormal nature.  The general structure of things are closely to finalized for now, or at least till changes will be needed.

Registration with the message board gives access to items only available to registered users.  Investigation Data board is only available to registered users.  There are other boards with training data that may be opened up randomly from time to time, however, they will only be open to members of HMPR investigative team for now.  To become a member of HMPR, fill out the form listed Membership Application.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified as promptly as possible.


Remember over 80% of all haunting can be disproved to be nothing more than unknown or strange but normal happenings outside of paranormal reason.  The what caused it has to be addressed before anything else, there is absolutely no need in getting in a tizzy over the "Bump in the Night" when if you looked out the window you would easily see it is a tree branch that should be cut before it puts a hole in your house.  This would be just one instance where the fear of the unknown can cause damage if ignored just so as to feel safer.


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